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  1. Code:  20JNACT
    1. Connor, Mary
    2. Leslie Roy
  2. Code:  8AJC 
    1. Benjamin Tripp
  3. Code:  4SDSG 
    1. William John Severs
    2. Mary Ann Francis
    3. Edith Maude (Saunders)
  4. Code:  6SGS 
    1. Helen Hobbs (Lounds)
  5. Code:  6SDH 
    1. Andrew Taylor
    2. Elizabeth Earle
  6. Code 07SCW 
    1. Thomas Walker
    2. John Metcalfe
    3. Ellenor Jackson
    4. Glover Lloyd
    5. Jane Jackson
  7. 11SMM 
    1. Bathia Ross
    2. Elspith Ross
    3. John Ross
  8. 23SCP 
    1. John and Mary Brodie
    2. Andrew Brodie
    3. Andrew Brodie
    4. Jon Arthur Brodie
    5. Andrew Waterston Brodie
    6. Mary Waterston Brodie
    7. Lena (nee Millman)
    8. John Arthur Brodie
    9. Margaret Archer
    10. Andrew Waterston Brodie
    11. Alice Hobbs
  9. 18ODL 
    1. William Littleproud
  10. 30OPJ 
    1. Vern Johnson
    2. Eric M. Johnson
  11. 15BNJP 
    1. Plewes
    2. Mrs. Grace Plewes
    3. (James Plewes)
  12. 16NMH 
    1. Barbara Elizabeth Marshall
    2. (married to Lance Beath)
  13. Code:  2JYBS
    1. John Gorman (O Gorman)
    2. Bridget Tuberty
  14. Code:  8JYJF 
    1. VanZandt
  15. Code:  11JYJD 
    1. Thomas Charles Armstrong’s
    2. James Armstrong and Mary McGoldrick
  16. Code:  14JYMM 
    1. Thomas Hempil

Code:  20JNACT

Could you please send me all information pertaining to

Connor, Mary

located in Groveside Brooklin, Section A.  Please send any information of Connor or Conner for

Leslie Roy

or Roy Leslie.  Would be in the same areas as Mary Connor and supposably buried in an unmarked grave about 1935. 

Code:  8AJC 

My GG Grandfather

Benjamin Tripp

and three of his sons are buried at the site that was previously the Bethel Cemetery.  We are researching the Tripp family and wonder if there is a Register for the original cemetery that may have more information on the family e.g. Benjamin’s father’s first name. 

Code:  4SDSG 

I am looking for my Great-Grandparents

William John Severs

and spouse, could be

Mary Ann Francis


Edith Maude (Saunders)


Code:  6SGS 

Looking for

Helen Hobbs (Lounds)

located in Oshawa Union Cemetery 

Code:  6SDH 

Just received a death certificate that says

Andrew Taylor

is interred in Stone Church Cemetery.  He may be buried without a stone – he died 13 Apr 1931.  Would like the obituary for

Elizabeth Earle

who died 23 May 1889 and is buried at Head Memorial 

Code 07SCW 

The names I am looking for is

Thomas Walker

(died 27 Oct 1875) and a

John Metcalfe

who was married to

Ellenor Jackson

.  Also a

Glover Lloyd

and his wife

Jane Jackson


I’m looking for the death/burial information for three very young children believed to have been born and died in Ashburn, Whitby area.  They are: 

Bathia Ross

borne 25 Dec 1861 and died Sept 1868;

Elspith Ross

born 1 Jan 1863 and died 22 Sep 1868; and

John Ross

born 14 May 1865 and died Sept 1868. 


I am writing from England trying to trace my ancestors’ route across Canada. 

John and Mary Brodie

arrived in Canada from Beith Scotland around 1855.  They settled in Paris, ON.  I have found their grave there of them and tow of their young daughters. 
By 1901, some of the family are residing in Oshawa;

Andrew Brodie

(son of John), wife Lena and children Arthur (actually John Arthur) and son Andrew.  Andrew’s father John is with them.  He was born in Ayrshire, Scotland 1820.  When John died (pre 1911) I am led to believe his body was interred in the grave at Paris, ON.
What I am wondering is if you can locate a grave or obituary for

Andrew Brodie

, he was born in Beith, Scotland 1850 but I do not know when he died.  His children we know of were all born in Oshawa. 

Jon Arthur Brodie

born 1888,

Andrew Waterston Brodie

born 1895 (these dates came from the 1901 census) and

Mary Waterston Brodie

who had just disappeared by 1901- perhaps a child death.  I have found her in the 1891 census aged 9 months.  Are there any details re:  wife

Lena (nee Millman)

b 19864?  I have no other details of her at all.   

John Arthur Brodie


Margaret Archer

– no dates or place available. 

Andrew Waterston Brodie


Alice Hobbs

– again no details.  I know John Arthur eventually settled in Winnipeg but I don’t know if he moved there, or whether it was his parents that moved the family.   


I am tracing the Littleproud family who originate from Norfolk in England.  I know that

William Littleproud

emigrated to Canada in the 1850’s and that there are some Littleprouds in Canada.   


I am trying to find where my uncle and aunt were laid to rest, their names are

Vern Johnson


Eric M. Johnson

born Ottawa. Eric would have died in the late 90’s or 2000.  If they are not here are there others in cemeteries in the area.  They would be living and owned an antique shop on the Main St for years in Bowmanville.  Vern passed on first.  I have lost track of my uncle and would like to find him to pay respect and say goodbye. 


I have a question re the list of names found at Quaker Hill cemetery.  If a name is listed does that mean that the person is interred in the cemetery or is that the name is just listed on a headstone in the cemetery.   The name I am interested in is


and I did know that

Mrs. Grace Plewes

is buried there but of all the research that has been done on this family at one time or another, no record or proof has ever been found, indicating that her husband

(James Plewes)

ever came to or lived in Canada.  It is believed that she was a widow when she arrived here so finding her husband’s name listed in this cemetery was something of a surprise.  I‘d really appreciate hearing from you. 


I am researching the Marshall family and have discovered there is a

Barbara Elizabeth Marshall

(married to Lance Beath)

buried at Groveside Cemetery, section “N”.  I would like to know if this is Barbara Marshall who was born sometime after 1909 and died sometime before 1989.   

Code:  2JYBS

Seeking information on

John Gorman (O Gorman)


Bridget Tuberty

and children John B., Thomas B., immigrated family – came from Co Clare Ireland.  Their children were James born 1841, Frank born 1846, William born 1850, Henry born 1855, and Mary born 1884.  They were born in Port Hope, Northumberland Co, Ontario Ca.  Durham, Ontario is also listed.  My GG Grandfather is John, and G. Grandfather is Henry.  The family moved to Minnesota.  I do not know the year they left Canada. 

Code:  8JYJF 

Searching for my


ancestors some of whom I know are buried at North Glasgow, Uxbridge. 

Code:  11JYJD 

Seeking information on

Thomas Charles Armstrong’s

family.  He was born 19 May 1865, Cavan, Durham County.   Parents were

James Armstrong and Mary McGoldrick

.  I believe they were from Ireland but have no information so would love to find out anything.  I believe he had a brother, Pat, who went to work in the diamond mines in Africa, don’t know if any other siblings.  Found him on 1871 Cavan Census, had left home and became a tinsmith.  Went to Minnesota, Montana, then shows up in 1901 census, East Kookenay, BC, Canada.   Died 17 Apr 1938 Cranbrook, BC, Canada.  He was very involved in Fort Steele, BC, which is now a historical townsite. 

Code:  14JYMM 

Over the years I have been searching for information on my gggrandfather who passed away early in his coming to Canada.  I believe him to be the

Thomas Hempil

l who is buried at the Blackstock Cemetery.  What I really want to know is if there is any burial information to be had from anywhere.  Such as who was his wife, how did he die, etc.  I have come to so many dead ends that I am about to give up even trying to find any more.  What I do know is that he was married in Northern Ireland in 1839 and had at least 3-4 children by the time he got to Canada.  So many leads and No real answers.

Below are the oldest queries, for which contact information may no longer be valid.



On Page 7 of the Summer 2002 issue of Kindred Spirits, which I received this week, is mention of my ancestor, William PARKIN. He was the prosecutor and his brother-in-law, Samuel BULLIED, was the defendant in an assault case. I have lots of information about the BULLIED family, but William is one of my brick walls. Does anybody know any more about him beyond the fact that he married Ann BULLIED in Port Hope in 1850? Where did he come from? Where did he go? Also, on Page 8 is reference to James GIBSON, also in an assault case. Does anybody know if he was a son of John GIBSON, who was a tailor in Port Hope in the 1850s? John became a hotel keeper about 1870 for a couple of years, until the police shut him down. Thanks. Alan Richards, 39 Pinegrove Cres., London, ON , N6J 3Y8

Seeking descendants of the following brothers, Wilfred, Daniel and Jackson HOLLIDAY, who resided in Reach and Whitby Townships during the 1880s. Wilfred died in 1852, Jackson in 1874 and Daniel in 1886. My Great Grandmother, Jane (HOLLIDAY) Robbins was the grandaughter of Wilfred. If you have any information about these families I would appreciate hearing from you. Melva E. Robbins, 48 Wren Crescent, Sherwood Park, AB, T8A 0G5 or mrobb ins@telusplanet.net.

Seeking information on the families of James LEACH and William THOMPSON. The 1871 Census has James and Mary Ann LEACH living in Manvers Township Durham East, with children William 12, James 10, Henry 8, Thomas 5, David 4 and Emma 2. Cedar Vale Cemetery in Cannington, Ontarion indicates Mary Ann FISHER, wife of James LEACH, 1834 - 1930 is buried there along with her son Thomas. It is assumed that Mary Ann FISHER and Mary Ann LEACH were the same person. In 1874 William THOMPSON married Mary Ann FISHER who lived in Manvers. The 1881 census lists all of the above children who had aged exactly 10, plus four more children for the 2nd marriage - Mary Ann 7, George 5, Martha 3 and Charles less than 1 year. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Bereathe Thompson, 225 Chopin Drive, Cambridge, ON, N3H 1J6 or mbet@sympatico.ca.

Seeking anyone researching William and Maria PHILP of Cartwright Township. They arrived from Cornwall,. 1845. Children: Elizabeth b. 1844 m. Zachariah BROWN, John b. 1846, William b. 1848, Thomas b. 1850, Joseph b. 1851, Robert b. 1853, Mary b. 1854 m. John James WIDDESS, Esther b. 1856 m. William James HENDERS, Jane Anne b. 1860 m. John Wesley PHILP, James H. b. 1862 b. 1862 and Richard b. 1865. Also interested in PHILP/PHELP families who lived in the Darlington and Manvers districts. Contact. Lucille Horne, 9506 87 Street, fort Saskatchewan, AB, T8L 1G9 or


Interested in locating descendants of Robert BALFOUR (1816 - 1872) and his wife Anne KIRK (1815 - 1882) who emigrated from Fifeshire, Scotland to Canada about 1856. Children: Robert (1838 - 1899); James (1843 - 1916); Elizabeth (1844 - 1871); John (1846 - 1918); Henry (1849 - 1875); Lilias (1851 - ??); Walter (1855 - ??); Margaret (1859 - 1878); William; and Agnes. First 7 children born Fifeshire, last three in Canada: Many interred in Burns Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Ashburn, Ontario. Any help appreciated by: William H. Doughty, 9842 Smoky Court, Stockton, CA 95209.



Wish to share info re. Ancestors and children of Joseph COOMBS, c. 1842-1895 (info re first marriage?) second marriage (where and when?) to Elizabeth CARPENTER, c. 1845-1910, both born in (?) England, immigrated 1873 to Bowmanville, Durham County, ON, moved 1875 to Matchedash Township, Simcoe County, ON. Children in 1881: (who by first marriages?) Albert/Henry, Frederick, Edward, Hannah, Eliza (all born in England) Elizabeth (born 1873, Bowmanville), Emma (born 1874, Darlington) and Ellen, Mary "Jane", Harriet "Louisa", Minnie, Percy and Lila (all born in Orillia/Matchedash Twp.) Her brother, Charlie CARPENTER, also came to Matchedash Twp. And all three are buried there. Contact: Mildred I (Silk) Walker, 1014 MT. St. Louis Rd. E., RR 3, Coldwater, ON, L0K 1E0.


Seek descendants of following couples, all buried Uxbridge Cemetery, Uxbridge, Ontario. Levi/Eleanor (Baybee) CARD; James/Mary Eliza (Card) PHILLIPS; John Lockhard and Eliza (Veitch) CARD; David Maybee/Hester (Bustin) CARD; Thomas Perry/Ellen (Ruddy) CARD; John Alexander/Mary Ann (English) CARD. Much CARD info to share. Contact: Sybil F. Crawford, 10548 Stone Canyon Road - #228, Dallas, TX 75230-4408, USA


Charles LOVE emigrated from (??) England in later 1890's settled in Greenbank area of Ontario. William LOVE - believed cousin of Charles LOVE, settled further north in the province, almost to Port Perry. Seeking information on marriage, family, etc. As this is the season of reunions and many LOVEs and kin settled throughout this whole area, I would appreciate hearing from anyone connected to LOVEs, re: family, connections, etc. Write Mrs. Emily L. Ashton, #713 - 19 Woodlawn Rd. E. Guelph, ON, N1H 7B1


Looking for descendants of George MACPHERSON and his wife Ann McROBB who wed in Scotland in 1903 and subsequently immigrated to Canada. They had a son who died WW2 during the D - Day landings, but his name is unknown. The Commonwealth Grave site (internet) lists a Robert MACPHERSON with the correct parents, married to a Jenny MAY, all from Whitby, Ontario, so it is hoped that additional relatives may still reside in the area. Any help appreciated by: Ann Roots, 29 Northmead, Redhill, Surrey, England RH1 2ED E-mail: AnnRoots@aol.com


Wish to share any Durham Co. information regarding Henry OAKLEY (1830-1889) and wife Martha HARRIS (1835-1915) who immigrated 1873 maybe to Bowmanville, Durham Co. ON, with children age 16-5: Thomas, Sarah, Henry Jr., James, John and Lewis. They moved to Matchedash Township, Simcoe County, ON 1877 before William was born. Contact: Mildred I (Silk) Walker, 1014 MT. St. Louis Rd. E., RR 3, Coldwater, ON, L0K 1E0.


Seeking info on the descendants of Moses ROBBINS and Henrietta GILBANK of Leskard, Clarke Township, Durham County, Ontario. 4 Sons: #1) Arthur Nichols (1875 - 1960) m. Ethel Powers - ch: dau. Gladys m. Robert MOFFAT& son C. Ross m. Myrtle Lougheed; #2) Walter Dean (1876 - 1883); #3) Lorne Stanley (1882 - 1957) m. Eva Pearl Ranton - ch: dau. Pauline Gertrude, #4) Francis Garfield (1884 - 19??) m. ?? ch: dau. Willow m. Ed WATSON & son Cecil. Any help appreciated by Melva E. Robbins, 48 Wren Crescent, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada T8A 0G5 email: robbins@telusplanet.net

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